Mobile Innovations Locks Down Mobile Data Security With Release of MPA Two Factor Authentication at 111th CACP Conference

Mobile Innovations is launching its new Two Factor Authentication solution at the 111th Canadian Chiefs of Police Conference in Ottawa Ontario. Company CTO Ian Bowles and President Gary Bauer will both be on hand to demo their company's answer to securing CPIC and RMS data on mobile devices in compliance with Canadian legal requirements.

​​​Mobile Innovations CTO Ian Bowles today announced his company's release of their new 2-factor authentication solution to secure mobile data access on iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices using PKI Certificate technology.

Two Factor Authentication blocks all access to the device unless two of three factors are provided; something you have, something you know, or something you are. Canadian Law Enforcement requires that any records or Police data can only be accessed if it is protected with 2-Factor authenitcation. Filling a void left with the demise of BlackBerry's 2-Factor solution some years ago, Mobile Innovations is now the only Canadian firm able to offer hand held mobile data securely in compliance with these Canadian Law Enforcement requirements.

"We fit our mobile data security solution to the needs of an expanded law enforcement user base."

Gary Bauer, President

Mobile Innovations' 2-Factor solution gives users a choice of using 2 industry-leading PKI technology solutions providers – Entrust Datacard and Gemalto.

As an Entrust Datacard Technology Alliance Partner, Mobile Innovations has integrated with Entrust Datacard's FIPS 201 compliant Smartcards, using both contact and NFC interfaces on smartphones and desktops. Mobile Innovations has also leveraged Entrust Datacard's NIST SP800-157 compliant derived credential capabilities certificates on iOS, Android and Blackberry 10 which provides frictionless smartphone security.

Working closely with Gemalto, Mobile Innovations is leveraging this mobile security innovator's SafeNet mobile authentication suite as well as their SafeNet MobilePKI Bluetooth Smart solution. SafeNet MobilePKI enables PKI security on mobile devices using secure Bluetooth Smart enabled readers and the IDGo 800 mobile SDK. Gemalto also supports NFC enabled smart cards.

"Most Canadian Law Enforcement agencies are using Entrust or Gemalto solutions, both of which come from best-in-class providers with great technology and solid client bases." Expains Bowles. "So it made sense to work with both companies rather than to pick one over the other."

Mobile Innovations go-to market strategy also incorporates VMWare Airwatch and the BlackBerry Enterprise Server with GOOD, EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) servers to manage these mobile devices in the field.

"We are working with the most popular EMM platforms used by Canadian Law Enforcement Agencies." Says Gary Bauer, Mobile Innovations Founder and President. "And by partnering and working with both of these companies, we fit our mobile data security solution to the needs of an expanded law enforcement user base.

Entrust and Gemalto 2-Factor and VMWARE Airwatch and BlackBerry BES EMM solutions will be on display with full live demos throughout the 111th Annual Conference of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) to be held August 15th and 16th at the Shaw Conference Centre in Ottawa.

Bowles and Bauer will both be on hand to answer questions and do demonstrations on smartphones and tablets with our MPA - Mobile Police Assist mobile data apps. Their demos will showcase the advantages offered by improved screen resolutions and larger form factors for better side by side viewing and easier data input. Throughout the CACP exhibition Bowles and Bauer will also be available to discuss the new generation MPA suite of solutions including 2-Factor authentication, mobile forms and reports, and next generation connected car solutions.


For more information or to set up a demo, please contact:
Gary Bauer - President

Mobile Innovations is a privately held company dedicated to enhancing mobile computing with the most advanced secure mobile data products available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile smartphones and tablets. Based in Niagara Falls, Canada, Mobile Innovations also has operations in Toronto and the United Kingdom, and works with over seventy five clients across Canada, the United States and in the European Union. Mobile Innovations is a member of the BlackBerry® Alliance Program, Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program and the Apple Developer Program.


Source: Mobile Innovations